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20+ Ways to Make Money On The Side While At An HBCU

"Make that money, don't let it make you!"

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There is money to be made.

Okay, we all know it: COLLEGE IS EXPENSIVE.

Even if you have scholarships, they don't always tend to cover the small necessities that every college student really needs or wishes to have. This could be getting your nails done for the ladies or having enough money to keep a fresh cut for the men. We run out of toothpaste or may need quarters to wash our clothes each week. Parties start to add up especially if you're not Greek and/or don't get there before 11pm. For some, we come from households that can't afford to send us money every day to buy more food when the cafe closes at 6:30pm and we're hungry by 9pm or we didn't even eat because they served who knows what that day.

Let's make some money then! And not through GoFundMe (somebody had to say it). A long time friend suggested I write this blog (thank you). The options listed below may not be for every college student but hopefully you can find something that fits you to expand your wallet while in college!

"Rule #1: Get the money first. Rule #2: Don't forget to get the money!" - Young Dolph x Get Paid

1. Drive for Uber or Lyft

  • If you have a car and don't mind allowing others to ride in your car, you should drive for Uber or Lyft. You choose your own days and hours and can cash out daily or at the end of each week. I suggest driving after classes and studying or on the weekends.
  • You can even get creative and become a driver specifically for students on your campus without using Uber or Lyft. Just charge flat fees or gas money and you're good to go. Remember these are all college students so affordable prices will increase your customer base. Don't get greedy, they don't have a lot of money just like you.
2. Do Hair (I know, I know: everybody does hair now) but do they do it as well as you, and for your prices?
  • Men: Charge $10 no more than $15 to cut your friends' hair and I'm sure the whole campus will be knocking on your door. It helps if you cut your own hair and they can see the results of that.
  • Ladies: The options are endless! Sell hair; bundles will never go out of style. Install hair, from quick weaves or sew ins to box braids or faux locs, if you have the skills, the ladies will want to use your services. And remember, you're not in a shop, you're in your dorm room, so charge accordingly. Natural hair is also a huge market. Charge for washes and twist outs, deep conditions and blow outs. Some girls really hate doing their hair and wouldn't mind spending a few extra dollars for someone else to do it, and well.
3. Make-Up
  • If your makeup is not poppin' don't expect customers to come your way. You are a walking advertisement. If your brows look good, I promise sis will notice and ask "Can you do my brows?"
  • Buy mink lashes or even lashes from the beauty supply in bulk and charge to apply them.
  • Charge different prices for full faces or just eyebrows; your range of options are endless.
4. Do Nails
  • You're really in business if you can do acrylic or powder. However, some girls will pay just to have their real nails done, especially for a party or interview.
5. Sell your old textbooks
  • You more than likely won't get a full profit but by the end of the year or the beginning of the next year, that extra cash will come in handy. So keep your books in good shape if you're thinking of selling them later.
6. Sell your class notes
  • Tired of friends asking for your good and well written notes for free? Sell them! Sell them to current students or students who will take that class next semester/year.
  • You can also sell your notes for a specific class with that class's assigned book as a bundle deal.
7. Charge to type papers (I didn't say write them)
  • You'd be surprised how many college students' typing skills (how can I say this nicely?) ... suck. If you're a typing pro, charge a small fee to type papers or assignments that have already been written.
8. Sell your blood plasma
  • This sounds crazy or weird, I know, but it will make you some money. And it's really beneficial for those who need the plasma! There are steps you have to follow and stipends may vary dependent on the specific location. Find out more information at
9. Sell your clothes
  • Plato's Closet normally pays a small fee in exchange for your clothes. Google other stores that may do the same.
  • If you're good at cutting jeans or making cute shirts, sell those too. Let the designer in you come to life!
10. Sell some items on Craigslist or other sites
  • We come to college with a whole lot of junk (which is someone's treasure somewhere) that we never use or didn't really need. By the end of 1st semester we figure this out. Sell it online or to other students (for a low cost) on campus.
11. Become a graphic designer.
  • If you have the right software on your computer or can make miracles with Publisher/Word, then you are in luck!
  • Create flyers or online flyers for different organizations on campus. There is always an event or party that needs an amazing flyer to generate buzz. Charge these organizations a small fee to help them with their marketing.
  • Snapchat filters ARE IN! Yes, you can make the filters on Snapchat and yes, the fee is really small but if you know your skills are hot, then learn how to make a filter and charge different orgs a little more to create them one for a specific event!
  • Videos: Promo Videos, Recap Videos, Video Snippets short enough to post on social media; if you can make nice videos, then charge for it.
12. Become a Youtube Blogger
  • If you're back by popular demand and can do makeup, hair, pranks, or have something important to talk about, VIDEO BLOG about it. Typically you can earn a little over $7.00 for every 1000 views on each of your videos!
13. Fill out online surveys
  • (Also do this for fast food restaurants to get a free food item or drink on your next visit. READ YOUR RECEIPTS.)
  • People will pay you for your opinion. It's just that simple. Google or visit sites such as Opinion Outpost or Survey Spot. 
14. Babysit
  • Get to know your professors or different staff members on campus with kids who have to be at work more than you have to be in class and offer to babysit on the weekends or anytime you're free and they're not.
15. Clean Houses
  • If you can keep your own dorm clean and don't mind cleaning someone's house, you can make some nice money! Just talk to different professors or staff members around campus and promote yourself. Your work and cleanliness will do the rest for you.
16. Phone Screen Repair
  • Those iPhone screens sure can break, huh? Learn how to fix them and charge your friends less than Apple or some guy in the mall would charge them to earn you some extra cash. Hint: Screens can be purchased on Amazon and you can include this fee in your price.
17. Become a tutor
  • Tutoring may be free on your campus or your college may pay you to be a tutor. If not look into tutoring high school or even middle school students. Know your stuff though.
18. Work for your professors
  • They hate grading or may need someone to make a PowerPoint for their next class. Just build trust and ask if they need some help for a small fee.
19. Become a personal trainer
  • Good health is always in! Most people just need an accountability partner. You can charge friends a small fee to wake them up early in the morning to work out with them and help them lose a few pounds or reach whatever health goal they have.
20. Become a campus DJ
  • A good DJ keeps the campus live. Shadow another DJ first, ask them to help you get on your feet. Then charge for different events on campus and other college campuses that may be nearby. Learn your audience and what they like to hear!
21. Become a Photographer
  • Okay everybody can take a good Snapchat Selfie with a filter but I'm referring to your skills with one of those expensive cameras. (Use your refund to buy this camera). There are so many events that need you! Fashion shows, step shows, yard shows, you name it. Graduation Season is your real money maker. Practice on a few friends for free, build your portfolio, and then start charging for your services.
22. Work in retail or as a server
  • If you want a constant and reliable paycheck and your schedule is flexible enough, working in retail or as a server may be for you. Servers get paid daily from tips :) I have one sis who made SO MUCH from serving, I thought she was doing something illegal at one point. The nicer restaurants tend to have customers who tip better, i.e. Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory, Steakhouses, etc. Just don't drop their food or take too long to bring their drinks!

Don't forget: (1) You can make even more money by having specials and sales during Homecoming and Springfest! (2) You HAVE to be good at what you do. (3) Don't charge ridiculous prices!

You may have to use some of your refund or rely on your Christmas gift request to help kickstart some of these hustles but it's worth the investment. Make sure you're PROFESSIONAL so the support of black businesses (because in essence, this is what this is) can continue long after college. There are many other ways to make money on the side. Feel free to comment those methods and help a student out! Hopefully this sparks the entrepreneur in you and helps you earn extra cash while in college!