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    Speaker. Author. Entrepreneur. Believer.

  • My first and most prominent speaking experiences were and are in church. Throughout middle and high school, I held leadership positions that required me to speak, even closing that journey with my Salutatorian Address in front of hundreds of people at my high school graduation. God increased my platform even more in my collegiate years. During the summer of 2013, while I was interning at the Federal Reserve Bank, I had the chance to speak to a group of youth at a community center about banking, saving, and budgeting. I consider that my first official public speaking engagement. Since then, God has created space for me in many other capacities.

    My voice is a gift and it's critical to my assignment. God has granted me widespread knowledge, expertise, and experiences to share with others. It was never for me but for those connected to me. I don't take it lightly. 


    The Professional Coach You Need

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    Known for her vibrant personality, Tanisha Manning has always been a passionate young lady, with an ambitious mindset. Her passion lies in advocating for marginalized groups, pushing for change in the current justice system, and bringing out the best in everyone she meets. She hopes that she inspires others to recognize their dreams and actually aspire to achieve them.


    A native of Houston, Texas, Tanisha recently obtained her Juris Doctorate from Tulane University Law School in New Orleans, LA. Not only a remarkable student academically, but Tanisha was the Director of the Tulane Legal Assistance Program, a veteran member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Moot Court Team, Administrative Justice for Special Competitions, and a Student Attorney for the Civil Rights and Federal Practice Clinic. Her legal journey includes interning for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services, and the Orleans Public Defenders Office.


    She loves to acknowledge her HBCU background, as she is a graduate of Philander Smith University. During her time there, she served as Student Government President and President of UNCF's National Pre-Alumni Council. Her various internships with the NASA Johnson Space Center, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and the National Venture Capital Association has equipped her skillset and enhanced her professional brand.


    She has branded herself as a Professional Career Coach who specializes in helping others create and build their professional brand. She also speaks and teaches on various topics.


    I have created two brands whose core purposes are to elevate your presence in society, whether in your career or through civic engagement. Connect with me on Instagram, read a blog post, subscribe to my updates, or email me with questions!

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    Professional Career Coach


    My mission is to help others create and enhance a professional brand that will land them career positions. I support you through each step of the career search journey: resumes, cover letters, interviews, follow ups, and job acceptances.



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    Engaged Voters

    Engaged Voters' mission is to increase the knowledge of local and state elections + civic engagement, especially within the black community. Most change happens at the local level by holding elected officials accountable.



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    I believe that at the core of every professional brand is the “paper imprint/trail” you leave via emails. Unfortunately, many people lack the knowledge of how to draft professional emails or how to send them when searching for a new career position. This guide gives you 10 tips to enhance how you send emails. And it’s 100% free!


    Through these guides I share with you important information as you either start a business or enhance your professional brand within your career.

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    Starting A Business As A Black Millennial

    A 5 Step Guide

    Black businesses matter and generational wealth is important. As more black millennials recognize this, there has been an increase in the startup of black businesses. Within these pages you will learn the process to create a business as I share my journey of owning a business as a black millennial with personal hard truths, lessons I've learned, and winning results.

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    10 Email Tips To Enhance Your Professional Brand

    A PDF Guide

    I believe that at the core of every professional brand is the “paper imprint/trail” you leave via emails. Unfortunately, many people lack the knowledge of how to draft professional emails or how to send them when searching for a new career position. This guide gives you 10 tips to enhance how you send emails. And it’s 100% free!


    A BLOG.

    19 de octubre de 2020 · Social Justice
    We are still in the movement for Black Lives. In this year of 2020, the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery,...
    21 de agosto de 2020
    Dear Black Men: Y'all Have Been At Black Women's Necks. We could take this all the way back to ...
    Okay let me educate y’all about your man Kanye West’s Presidential Run. I got time today. The...

    Tanisha is skilled as it relates to career enhancements. If you need assistance or want to be the best YOU for school or a new career journey, below are services that can help you succeed. Have questions before you place an order? Visit the FAQs Page below!

  • Alternative Payment Options

    Available for Resume or Cover Letters. Place Order First Then Make Payment.


    I love to talk and even more, I love to spread knowledge. You can request me to speak in person or via Zoom on any of the topics below:

    (Also, I may just hop on these platforms at any time to drop some knowledge).

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    Personal Development

    Audience: Youth and Young Adults; College and Law Students

    Topics: Acheiving Your Goals; Resilience; Motivation, and Inspiration

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    Community Education

    Audience: All Ages/Levels

    Topics: Voting and Civic Engagement, Activism and Advocacy, Understanding How the U.S. Government Works, Understanding the U.S. Criminal Justice System

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    Business Start Up

    Audience: Entreprenuers

    Topics: "5 Steps to Starting a Busiiness", See Book; Maintaining A Business

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    Career and Professional Branding

    Audiences: Senior High School Students, College Level Students, Young Adults

    Topics: Student Leadership; Resumes; Interviews; Email Etiquette; Personal Branding


    Powerful with her words, Tanisha allows her varied life experiences and confidence in her expertise to guide her when speaking. She is clear and concise yet humorous and engaging. Effortlessly, her words flow as she captures her audience's attention with her amazing stage presence.

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    Be Real With Yourself

    Our experiences teach us lessons but it is how we react, grow, and learn from them that reveal our true character. The hardest moment for most people to face, is not other people or obstacles, but themselves. Once you become in tune with who you are, only then are you able to move forward successfully whether in college or beyond. Tanisha's motivational speeches center on inspiring others to recognize who they are and how to live confidently as such.

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    You Are A Business, Invest In Yourself

    Tanisha utilizes workshops and seminars to clearly outline different leadership tools and professional skills needed to be successful. In light of the pandemic, she is also a virtual presenter.



    College Readiness: "The Only Thing Harder Than Getting In, Is Staying In"

    Owning Your Own Business

    The Path to Law School


    Please complete this form in its entirety and you'll hear back from me soon!



    Don't be afraid to reach out. If you would like more information regarding a speaking engagement and availability/rates, please fill out the form below. Try to be specific as possible if placing a request (i.e. date, location, time, topic request, etc.) All

    messages are sent directly to info@tanishamanning.com.


    Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by! It is my hope that as you browsed the site, something sparked your interest. My family and friends stay up to date with me via social media and I encourage you to do the same!Business Instagram: @TanishaManningBusiness Facebook: @TanishaManningInfoPersonal Instagram|Facebook: @TeeRenaee

  • FAQs


    How much does a resume cost?

    A resume costs $50.00.

    How do I make an order?

    Orders must be placed online here at www.tanishamanning.com under the tab "Services." You may email me at info@tanishamanning.com with any questions.

    How do I pay?

    You can pay online via PayPal at sales@tanishamanning.com or also through Cash App: $TanishaManning. Payment must be made first before I begin any work on your resume. Once you place an order, the site will guide you on the payment process.

    How long will it take you to finish my resume?

    There is a 7 day policy to complete your resume order. You may receive your resume in the evening on that 7th day after the order is placed because I also work full time which only allows me to edit resumes in the evenings and on weekends.

    What if I really need my resume done quickly?

    If you'd like an express order (24 - 48 hour turnaround), there is an additional $25 cost, which is a total of $75.

    Do I need to already have a resume? I can't find mine or it's really old.

    You don't have to have a resume already, although if you don't I'll still ask you to send over important information via email (or even text if that's easier). If you do have a resume (no matter how old) and you would rather send that over, that's fine too. Just add any current jobs, education, awards, etc. to the email for me to add to the new resume.

    What do you do when editing my resume?

    First, I review your resume and any comments or guidance you send based on your career journey and goals. A phone consultation is not always necessary but is available upon request. After asking a few questions via email or through a verbal conversation and discussing career goals and experiences, I begin working on your resume. I create my own resume templates and your resume will look completely different in design but content/wording will either be enhanced/edited or also completely revamped. You can view examples of my templates on my website as well.

    I need a resume for a specific type of job. Can you do that?

    If there is a specific industry/field you would like for me to tailor your resume to, you can let me know that as well, otherwise I can typically pick up on a theme or generalize your resume.

    What if you completed my resume already but now I need new changes made?

    I allow for two free edits after I send you the finalized copy. For all returning customers who need additional work done on their resume, it is a $10.00 fee that must be paid online. (I am always willing to work with you, especially if the changes are because of a mistake on my end).

    What about cover letters? I need one of those too.

    I do specialize in cover letters which are an additional $25. I can create a generalized letter for a specific industry or field or I can tailor a letter for one particular job. The same payment process is used as with resumes. Cover letters will be returned within 5 days but if you'd like an express order (24-48 hour turnaround), there is an additional $15 cost, which is a total of $40. I do require you to send me a copy of your resume for me to create a cover letter for you.